Bring Out Your Best

Coaching works because it brings out your best – what God put in! Coaches believe you can create your own best answers and are trained to support you in that

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Maximize Your Potential

The reasons people want coaching are endless and as unique as the person. Here are a few examples that motivate people to use a coach: To make significant changes To

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You’ve Got A Mission

You've got a mission — but it's not accomplished, yet. My guess is that somewhere along the way, you have gotten stuck, sidetracked, slowed down, or even stopped. You are

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Get started

I equip and energize missional leaders to take their people outside the box. Welcome to my coaching site. Here you...

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out their calling – in their...

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Hi, I am Greg Ellis — a pastor, teacher, and coach who is passionate about helping people understand and follow...

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Are You Stuck?

Chasing your dreams is meant to be fun, not frustrating!

Do you have huge goals and powerful dreams but you are still stuck in a rut and can’t seem to break free?

If you have tried everything else to get unstuck, maybe it is time to partner with someone who will help you break free and live out God’s calling in your life.

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