What Coaching Is

Coaching is about you – your goals, your learning, and your growth. Together you and your coach will focus on the things most important to you.

Coaching is about learning – more than teaching. You are the expert on your life. Your coach uses coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenging a bit, and always remaining supportive. All to assist you in discovering insights and taking next steps.

Coaching is about action – your action. Each session you will determine 1-3 actions steps you will take before the next session. You may be surprised how quickly you progress toward your goals.

Coaching is about all of you – not just your work or profession. We all know that changing old habits and thought patterns are difficult. Your coach recognizes these patterns and will support you as you change and grow.

What Coaching Is

What Coaching Isn’t

Why Coaching Works

Why Use a Coach

How Christian Coaching Is Unique

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“It is not difficult to know a thing;
what is difficult is to know how to use what you know.”

Han Fei Tzu