Services Offered

You are the hero of your story — I am a guide. I help you be the leader your people need in this season!

I individually tailor my coaching for each client, so each engagement looks a little different, but here are some of the levels of service that I provide. If nothing quite looks like it will fit your circumstances or your budget, contact me. Click on any of the links in Level One to get started.

Level One


Six months of coaching — once per month in one-hour sessions.
$1152 or $1025 paid in advance.

Six months of coaching — twice per month in one-hour sessions.
$2190 or $2065 paid in advance.

One year of coaching — once per month in one-hour sessions.
$2076 or $1950 paid in advance.

One year of coaching — twice per month in one-hour sessions.
$3888 or $3765 paid in advance.

Level Two

Coaching + Assessment(s)

Level One Coaching as above, with the addition of one or two assessments to increase a leader’s self-understanding. This page will give you detailed information about each assessment, how they benefit individual leaders and their teams as well as why we selected these.

  • $150 additional for CliftonStrengths® Assessment and implementation conversation
    • Empowers leaders by unveiling and leveraging their natural talents, fostering deep self-awareness for enhanced decision-making and leadership effectiveness.
  • $150 additional for 16Personalities Assessment (Myers-Briggs) and implementation conversation
    • Equips individuals with nuanced insights into their personality preferences through a five-letter code, enhancing self-awareness, decision-making, and adaptive leadership.
  • $150 additional for Working Genius Assessment and implementation conversation
    • Identifies team members’ natural gifts related to work activities, fostering personal and professional growth, minimizing frustration, and transforming team dynamics.
  • $200 additional for GRIP-Birkman® personality assessment and conversation
    • Provides professionals with comprehensive insights into behavior, interests, needs, and stress responses, guiding personalized development and effective stress management.

Level Three

Coaching for Primary Leader + Team Assessments

Levels One and Two included. In addition to the leader’s assessment, strengthen your team with assessments and conversations for each team member.
$125 for CliftonStrengths, 16Personalities, or Working Genius, or $150 for Grip-Birkman assessment (per participant).

  • You can also add a full-team learning experience where members see how their TopFive CliftonStrengths® fits in the team — and how your team’s Themes of Strength work together.
  • The 16Personalities tool provides deep insights into team members’ personality types, enhancing understanding and communication by highlighting individual preferences and behavioral tendencies, ensuring each member feels valued and engaged.
  • The Working Genius was designed for teams — to help team members identify their natural talents and areas of struggle, fostering improved collaboration and productivity by aligning tasks with individual strengths, and decreasing frustration and burnout as each gains a deeper understanding of the work the team accomplishes.
  • The GRIP-Birkman® helps you and your team answer critical questions about individual and collective power, weaknesses, and interdependencies within your team. It asks: “Where are you powerful?” “How are you weak?” “Who do you need?”

Team Experience

After the leader and each team member have completed their assessments and met with their coach, consolidate these insights with a transformative team experience. This session will illuminate how each person’s unique skills, strengths, and areas for growth contribute to the team’s overall mission. The fee for this learning experience varies based on the duration and the size of your team and is available as either a virtual or in-person event to best meet your needs.

Level Four

Group or Team Coaching

Gather a group who are all dealing with the same challenges.
Take your team from where you are to where you need to be.
Talk with Greg about designing something for your group or team.

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Enhancing Your Investment

Understanding the Return on Investment (ROI) for coaching services can be nuanced, with both tangible and qualitative benefits. Recognizing this, I am committed to working collaboratively with you to assess and refine our coaching approach. Your feedback and observed results are invaluable, guiding the ongoing evolution of your coaching program. This partnership ensures not just immediate value but a sustained and continually improving ROI over time.

Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs, and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another.

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