Productivity Mastery

A practical implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done for Teens1 take control of your life in a distracting world. This course is not only for teens — it is for everyone who wants to improve their strategic success or time management skills.

Are you overloaded… overwhelmed… distracted… stressed?

Are you paralyzed by all of the stuff that comes at you every day (hour, minute, second)?

Have you tried everything, and nothing has worked?

GTD for Teens is a simplified version of David Allen’s Getting Things Done® the art of stress-free productivity.
GTD® can help you achieve, maintain, and regain focus.
GTD® can help you create mental space so that you can be creative.
GTD® can help you understand where you are presently and where your actions are taking you; it can help you decide what is important and what is not; it can help you dream big and create momentum toward those dreams

I want to help you focus on the things that are most important to you.
I can give you tools and behaviors to be “on” as often as possible.
I want to help you so you can get things done.

even after our time together!



  • Participants are provided with a copy of GTD for Teens
  • Weekly Zoom meetings, totaling 4.5 hours over 8 weeks
  • Daily check-in for each participant to evaluate their implementation and progress.
  • Instructor is available for conversation, clarification, and other help between sessions

Participant Commitment

  • Participate in weekly Zoom meeting for 8 weeks
  • Responding to daily communication (text or email) re: daily progress



  • $200 for solo participant


  • $175 each — group of 2
  • $150 each — group of 3
  • $125 each — group of 4
  • $100 each — group of 5 or more

1Allen, David, et al. Getting Things Done for Teens: Take Control of Your Life in a Distracting World. Penguin Books, 2018. Getting Things Done and GTD are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.
This course is not endorsed by the David Allen Company
but is a facilitated implementation of his ideas.